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La Mata beach

La Mata Beach - the longest beach near the town Torrevieja

La Mata beach offers its visitors a great variety. The beach is by far the longest near the town of Torrevieja. The beach is easily accessible, located just 100 m from the apartment. The beach is about 3 km long and sandy, and if that is not enough, then the beach stretches much further towards Alicante. The beach is very wide even on the conditions of the Costa Blanca and shines with typical colors for this coast. Light, soft sand and clear turquoise sea water make every view a beautiful experience. Beach de la Mata offers an attractive alternative to congested beaches, as the sandy area is so large and long that it is less crowded than other city beaches. Especially for peace and relaxation, the beach offers a suitable scenery. At the beach there is a promenade where there are restaurants and cafes. Unbelievable but true: surfing the Mediterranean Sea of ​​Spain. If you don't like a wetsuit and don't need huge waves, you're in good hands here. A surf school and a kiting school are available a few hundred meters from the northern border of La Mata. The sandy beach offers you the certainty that you are not cut by corals and the waves have enough energy to take you beautifully, but too little to push you underwater for a few minutes. As a beginner, these conditions allow you to fully focus on the basics: standing on the board for as long as possible. Along the beach stretches a wooden beach promenade with an old railing, treated with wind and salt, is aesthetically valuable. The cafés and restaurants along the promenade also offer many opportunities for visitors to try Spanish cuisine. When visiting La Mata, it is necessary to walk here. At night, some restaurants are converted into dance floor bars and offer lots of entertainment.

Queen-Missisippi Restaurant

It's not every day that you come across a paddle steamer planted in a sea of ​​pine trees. But take a trip to the Moulino de aqua park and that's what you'll find. The Queen Mississippi Restaurant / Café is aptly named because it faithfully evokes all the romance of a bygone era. Queen Mississippi is not satisfied with just capturing the inner appearance of these floating palaces, but is a full-fledged replica of a paddle steamer that was used to sail on such large rivers as the Mississippi. Whenever we were looking for something special in terms of dining experiences, we set out on a night cruise around the Mississippi. The selection of starters is a pleasure for gourmets. You can choose from delicious-sounding dishes such as mushrooms with shrimp in garlic and olive oil, warm crépes stuffed with spinach and shrimp, crab legs in garlic and olive oil sauce, red peppers stuffed with seafood. In this restaurant you will not only be transported to times long past, but you can also enjoy a beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea.

Lagunas de La Mata

Entering the Lagunas de la Mata and Torrevieja Natural Park in Alicante, you will find yourself in the natural paradise of the Valencian Community, where you can enjoy 3,700 hectares, beautiful fauna, flora and silence. In the Vega Baja del Segura area, in the districts of Guardamar del Segura, Torrevieja, Los Montesinos and Rojales, the Lagunas de la Mata and Torrevieja Natural Park has become a tourist attraction for great nature lovers and one of 22 nature parks throughout Valencia. commonwealth. In this area we find two lagoons, which are separated by a mainland known as El Chaparral, the canal connects the two salinas, which are also artificially connected to the sea by another canal known as El Acequión.Laguna Torrevieja with an area of ​​1,400 hectares good salt quality was observed in the thirteenth century, while La Mata, with 700 hectares, functions as a heating tank. In addition, both wetlands are important nesting and wintering grounds for more than a hundred birds, such as the flamingo, the cuellinegro zampullin or various species of ducks. It is a real natural treasure that the traveler will find in this environment, in which, even if every tourist enjoys the landscape and its environment, he feels like in paradise. The park consists mainly of salt lakes, salinas, gorges, rambles and agricultural areas. Vegetation samples are formed in these areas from wet and dry salt areas, where the protagonists are halophilic communities, ie plants that are characterized by life in areas where there is enough salt. In areas where runoff, ravines and streams are above the lagoon, according to agencies responsible for nature park management, there are large areas of carotid and junior communities that disrupt salt physiognomy and cause a "spectacular and polychromatic landscape". In the tree section, for example, there is the presence of Aleppo pines and interesting specimens of plants such as Orchis collina, among other orchid species. In terms of aquatic vegetation, the high concentration of salts in the water makes life difficult for many species, but there is an important presence of Dunaliella salina, a single-celled microalgae prevalent in the Torrevieja Lagoon, which is responsible for its characteristic red-pink color. As for the animal world, the main things at this place are the different species of birds, the "most important group" in the park thanks to its almost hundreds of species. And its wetlands are essential for the development of the biological cycles of many birds, which use them for both migration and nesting and wintering. Species that can be observed here include, for example, flamingos with a concentration of up to 2,000, including storks eagle, gray heron and avoceta. . In addition to the above, populations of black-brown clover, tern, charrancita, especially near lagoons. Around La Mata Lagoon, which boasts a characteristic green color, the tourist is allowed to discover the various opportunities it offers nature lovers, through exhibition halls, interactive elements and the Audiovisual Area. And how to know all these attractions in such a protected place? The town of Torrevieja offers various guided routes, which intersect the various paths leading through the heart of the park and which guarantee quiet walks under the protection of nature. During the visits, which are intended for all types of public and free of charge, you can see first-hand the natural and cultural values ​​of the environment and enjoy bird watching from one of the viewpoints in the park.